Saturday, May 25, 2013

On This Page: We Will Post the Result of Nursing Exam for June 2013

Yes, since the upcoming nursing licensure exam is getting nearer and nearer, we want Pinoy nurses looking to become new RNs licensed by the PRC to have a place to share thoughts and view the complete result of the nursing exam. This page is where we dedicate that latest outcome for the June 2013 examination.

NLE June 2013 Letter A-D
NLE June 2013 Letter E-H
NLE June 2013 Letter I-L
NLE June 2013 Letter M-O
NLE June 2013 Letter P-S
NLE June 2013 Letter T-Z
We will surely post in time the complete list of board passers on this page so go get your slot by subscribing to our posts and updates. All you have to do is to fill up the form below and we will send you an email as soon as the outcome is out and posted here.

Tips Before Taking the Nursing Board

  1. In the meantime, please be reminded about the things that are necessary to bring during examination period and read our test guide as well as the proper and allowed attire to wear when you report for your schedule of test and stated room number. 
  3. Be sure to bring extra pens and shirt and have a nice relaxing comfortable breakfast. 
  5. Don't over eat as it will bring your stomach to a stress as well as your mind will get bothered if you don't feel good in your stomach. As nurses, you must know that. 
  7. The NLE is serious part of your career as a nurse so don't compromise your readiness in taking the test. Good luck to all nurses.
  8. Also, we encourage you all as a tip to take ample rest a day before the examination takes place. 
  9. Don't oversleep. 
  10. An 8-hour rest at night before the test will definitely put your body and mind to a prime. 
  11.  For those who will not take the exam, we have a list of trainings on the sidebar which you can try to see if you can enroll with while or before you take the review
  12. It's also a good practice if you will not take the exam to go on self review or get employed as a nurse for early experience in preparation for a possibility to get your RN certification for a better employment position and higher salary either for work abroad or local.

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